We offer a discount on a mattress

This year’s Labor Day sales are expected to be very exciting as a lot of sites are expected to offer a variety of products. There will be a lot of discounts on mattresses. There are a variety of mattresses. The mattresses have both spring cushioning and memory foam cushioning. According to various studies, the best cushioning is delivered by the memory foams. The mattresses which are getting a discount on memoryfoammattress-guide.org are described below.

Labor Day mattress sale 2018 will be selling Serta Perfect Sleeper Alesbury Set at just $399. The mattress is made up of gel and memory foam, and the seller will be providing a warranty of 100days/ 10 years. Serta Perfect Sleeper Tranquil Haven Cushion Firm Set is produced of the same materials and will be sold at $997 by Macy’s. A warranty of 60 days/10 years will also be provided. Amerisleep AS3 is a total bed, and it will be available at $1199 on the amerisleep website. It is a very positively reviewed and liked the product. The constituents comprise of plant derivative memory foam. A warranty of 100 days/20 years will be provided by the site.

Macy’s will be offering its own mattress brand, Macybed Lux Plus 11″ Firm Set at $1,397 only. This mattress is made from gel and memory foam. Labor Day mattress sale 2018will be giving a warranty of 60 days/ 10 years.

Serta is going to sell the Serta iComfort Blue 300 Firm Set at $1399. The mattress is contained gel memory foam, foam and memory foam. Serta will be giving a 120 days/10 years warranty on the product.

Sealy Conform Thrilled Plush Set is made up of plush gel memory foam. It will be sold by Sears at $1549 only. A warranty of 60 days/10 years will be provided with the product.

Amerisleep AS5 The mattress will be sold on the official website at $1899. It is made from plant derived memory foam and an additional layer of active flex and affinity layer. The warranty will be of 100 days/ 20 years.

Tempur Contour Rhapsody Luxe The mattress is a memory foam mattress which will be sold at $3199 on Tempurpedic. A warranty of 90 days/10 years will be provided.

The time for great season’s off is here: Catch up all about Labor Day.


The celebration on Labor Day pays tribute to the dedicated hard work of all the workers in America. In the United States, national holidays are now being a part of the celebration by way of shopping. The Day is held out for great shopping offers and discounts. So, this is the great time for customers to buy new products or items. The deals offered by big brands are a way of attracting the buyers to consume their particular product. But no doubt, the deals store a great benefit for the customers.


During the sales on Labor Day, it is best to invest in a new mattress. Why miss the foremost brands of mattresses when offered with huge deals! Are you celebrating Labor Day, 2018? Not yet! Go and prepare for some shopping this year. You’ll love to shop this Labor Day. The deals and discounts offered are of great fun for the customers buying it. Shop the brand-new models on ‘Bestmattress-brand.org.’ Yes, there’s latest models coming in the sale. US retailers do not lack behind in the showcase of superior quality products at their stores or showrooms. The last list of forthcoming varieties is popping up in the press releases. Be familiar to every update for Labor Day. It will give you a brief idea about every happening deal in the year so far.


The time is not so far when you’ll be watching the best-rated brands attending the Labor’s sale of their products. Are you missing any item at your home? Don’t worry, shop this September and enjoy fab deals on every product. You can’t skip the month of September without any shopping. If missed, this could be a loss for you in the future. So, what are you waiting to hear more? The best time to pay for a new mattress lies on the national holiday sales. Still, have no idea about the coming trend? Catch the latest updates on the internet and in newspapers.

Evaluation of bad and good mattress of 2018

All the retailer and manufacturer of mattress always try to launch a different kind of mattress every year. Each mattress is different from other in some aspect. The material quality which is usually used in mattress differs from each other. But if you are not having such knowledge of this material and many another thing then it becomes difficult for you to purchase any mattress during Sleepjunkie.org. But to help you out with this problem here we are going to tell you types of good and not so good mattresses so you can choose the best one easily for your family. It will also help you to avoid those types of mattresses which are not so good for health.

Finest mattresses of 2018

So all of you might be very excited to know which types of mattresses become popular this year. Mostly two types of mattresses doing extraordinary business this year and these are memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress. These two types of mattresses will be surely available in most of the shops during Labor Day mattress sale in 2018. These types of mattresses are coming at more or less the same price. All the top brands are making these two types of mattress. If you have any plan to buy any mattress, then try to choose between these two types.

Inferior mattresses of 2018

But when you are going to buy any mattress during Labor Day mattress sale 2018, then you have to avoid some types which are not as good as mentioned types.  This kind of mattress can be harmful to your health also.  Though everyone has a separate choice at some point in time we all stand in one line. Here we are mentioning some types of mattresses which are not good for your health as the material being used in the mattresses are not good in quality-

  1. Extremely solid or spongy Mattresses
  2. Support mattress
  3. Hot musing Foam
  4. The mattress with No replace plan
  5. Super loathsome Beds
  6. The mattress with slender or No warranty
  7. Thin Mattress
  8. Low width foam
  9. Movement relocate Innersprings

Why do we all need a good mattress for sleeping

Bestmattress-reviews.org is all about comfort and sales and getting everything at a price which we all would want to buy. It offers an unbelievable sale on hundreds and thousands of products including all kinds of luxury mattresses those are available online and could be ordered at our doorstep. All through the year, we get many sales that give discounts on mattresses, but Labor Day sale comes only once a year, and it is something that cannot be missed. We can also get a chance to win up to sixty percent off on mattresses. Thus, we should never miss a chance to lose such advantages.

We sleep almost one-third of our lifetime, and more than 75 percent of the population have been reported with improper sleep or lack of sleep. then it all comes down to all our sleeping habits. A mattress determines the shape of our body and help maintain it properly or how we sleep. if the sleep problems continue to elongate, then we are much prone to physiological and psychological distress. This has been reported to cause a lot of stress among the people and has affected the productivity of mankind.

A comfortable mattress is very essential to keep ourselves healthy and fit. It helps us minimize many such health issues which comes from bad posture or sleep disorders. Approximately 92% of the people having sleeping discomforts confessed that a good mattress plays a very major role in developing a good sleep in the night. We just need to find the right mattress for ourselves to get the right amount of sleep every night and enhances the quality of our sleep. it helps us get the full rest we should get to rejuvenate ourselves. And helps us reduce stress, boosts up our energy level by at least twice. It helps to give our bodies the time to heal and increases our productivity level. It helps in every way to increase the sleep quality and better the sleeping discomforts. Hence buying a good mattress is very essential for everyone and the best time is Labor Day sale!

Buy A The mattress That Provides Good Longevity & Offers Great Comfort!

Each year Labor Day Sale brings great value-added deals for the layman who looks for a high-quality mattress. Either you want to replace the old one or buy a new bedding setup, you will get deals on everything! On whatsthebestbed.org, different brands offer deals on mattresses and furniture items. So you need to be very clear about what type of mattress you need!

A good mattress reliefs pressure points and enables you to enjoy a comfortable sleep:

Buying a mattress incorporates a normal person’s one year’s savings. That’s why; shoppers don’t want to compromise with the quality of the mattress. Now let’s define what an ideal mattress is. An ideal mattress is that particular mattress which enables us to enjoy a comfortable sleep at night by relieving pressure points. One of the key factors that you should look at while buying a mattress is whether the mattress distributes your body weight evenly or not. If your body stars drowning into the mattress, then that might result in an uncomfortable night’s sleep. The mattress’s surface should be firm enough to hold your body weight and support your regular sleeping posture. On Labor Day mattress sale 2018, look for a mattress that offers these qualities!

A good mattress provides good longevity:

As buying a good mattress means investing a good sum of money, you should focus on the longevity of the mattress that you want to buy. On Labor Day mattress sale 2018, look for the best deals that come with the maximum warranty period. A good mattress will last for at least five to seven years. The branded mattresses that come with greater warranty period are generally more durable than other mattresses. Additionally, you can check for the mattress’s material and supporting base. With an innerspring base, the mattress becomes more durable than others. Though it’s not possible to distinguish the mattress’s longevity while buying it, all you can do is to check the old buyers’ reviews about that particular mattress! If the reviews are positive, then you can certainly purchase it!